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Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription! "Workout"

Were very excited to put up the 2nd drum transcription on www.JazzDrumCorner.com and www.jazzleadsheets.com.  You can find it here:

Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription - Workout

"Workout" is perhaps one of the most challenging, but also one of the most amazing Philly Joe solo's ever recorded.  He takes 3 solo choruses, and the entire melody is practically a solo as well...meaning that there is A LOT of information in this transcription. Here what you get:

A seven-page drum transcription with everything Philly Joe plays as follows: 
-- Eight measure drum intro (solo) 
-- AABA Melody in (with drums trading 2's with the horn melody) 
-- 8 bar interlude into solo set up 
-- Drum solo (3 choruses) 
-- AABA melody out (same as beginning) 
-- Interlude ending (same as beginning)

Description: Similar to other drum features that Mobley composed, Workout is all about Philly Joe Jones. It features Philly Joe playing around the call-and-response melody, as well as an extended three-chorus drum solo. This solo features some of Philly Joe's most distinguishable and swinging phrases perfectly placed to move the music forward.

Brush Master


A nice video from Paris 1959.  Kenny Clarke was in my opinion perhaps the best brush player (up there with Papa Jo Jones of course).  If you doubt it, then download "D├«ner Au Motel" from Miles Davis' Album "Ascenseur Pour L'├ęchafaud."  His feeling with the brushes is incredible, and the sound and ease at which he does it.

This video has great trio playing from Bud too, check out the ending!

Rudiment of the Week: Flam Paradiddle

I have always found the Flam Paradiddle to be one of the trickiest rudiments to execute cleanly.  A couple days ago I was spending some time with Charli Persip, and he called me over to show me his recent warm up.  He started to play Flam Paradiddles, but after four bars of the way it looks above, he shifted the flam over one 8th note.  I asked him why he liked to warm up with this rudiment and he said "because it's hard."


Greg Hutchinson on the blues

All drummers should practice soloing over a walking bass line.  Is is a great exercise because it forces you to keep the time and groove constant throughout your solo, and it also gives you a clear context to hear a drum solo in relation to the harmonic implications of the song.

Here is a great video from one of our modern masters of jazz drumming, Greg Hutchinson.  Of course Greg's technique is flawless, but also listen to how strong and musical his phrases are over this Blues form... "Theme and Development."

Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription!

Remember you can download the transcription here:


A shout out from Charli Persip!

Billy Hart "Tips"

A great clip today from master organist Jimmy Smith with Quentin Warren and the great Billy Hart.  This is great old footage of Billy Hart that I particularly like because of how light and "tippin'" his cymbal beat is.

I have always found that playing with an organist and no bass player is especially challenging because there is no attack to the bass notes, so it's easy to feel like the bottom is lost.  What that means is that the great drummers who have made an organ trio swing have an incredibly strong quarter note in their cymbal beat.

Billy Hart is appearing this week at Dizzy's in NYC with his quartet featuring Mark Turner, Ben Street, and Ethan Iverson.  It is one of my favorite groups playing right now make sure to check it out!

Rudiment of the Week: Alternated Cheese Pataflafla

This week, the rudiment of the week practice is the "Alternated Cheese Pataflafla."  The double flam followed by the double stroke makes this rudiment particularly tricky, but a good way to increase flexibility and quickness.

Keep practicing1

Ride Cymbal Variations, Part 2:

In the 2nd part of these exercises (find the original post here), I'd like to introduce another, slightly different ride cymbal pattern.  Again, a lot of these comping patterns come from John Riley's "The Art of Bop Drumming," but you can create your own just as well. 

A great way to practice these exercises is to count out loud while playing them.  This will help you to internalize the pattern, as well as feel the groove better.  Two ways to count are "1 2 3 4" and "1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2"