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Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription! "Workout"

Were very excited to put up the 2nd drum transcription on www.JazzDrumCorner.com and www.jazzleadsheets.com.  You can find it here:

Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription - Workout

"Workout" is perhaps one of the most challenging, but also one of the most amazing Philly Joe solo's ever recorded.  He takes 3 solo choruses, and the entire melody is practically a solo as well...meaning that there is A LOT of information in this transcription. Here what you get:

A seven-page drum transcription with everything Philly Joe plays as follows: 
-- Eight measure drum intro (solo) 
-- AABA Melody in (with drums trading 2's with the horn melody) 
-- 8 bar interlude into solo set up 
-- Drum solo (3 choruses) 
-- AABA melody out (same as beginning) 
-- Interlude ending (same as beginning)

Description: Similar to other drum features that Mobley composed, Workout is all about Philly Joe Jones. It features Philly Joe playing around the call-and-response melody, as well as an extended three-chorus drum solo. This solo features some of Philly Joe's most distinguishable and swinging phrases perfectly placed to move the music forward.