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Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription "Out of Joe's Bag"

Our third Philly Joe Jones drum transcription is up on jazzleadsheets.com.  You can find it here:

--Decription: As the title suggests, Mobley wrote this song specifically for Philly Joe. Starting first with an eight-bar drum intro, then Philly Joe's interaction with the melody, which consists of a call and response of two-bar phrases with horns, then drums. Only a drummer like Philly Joe can fill every two bars and make it feel so good. Also included is a full solo chorus over the form, which is incredibly dynamic and technically astonishing.

--Drum Transcription: A nine-page in-depth drum transcription of Philly Joe Jones, including his drum intro, what he plays for the in and out melodies, as well his drum solo.-- horn melodies are shown above the drum staff.
-- Eight-measure drum solo intro
-- AABA in melody (16 measure call and response A sections and 8 measure bridge)
-- Eight measure drum solo to set up first soloist (Hank Mobley)
-- Philly Joe's playing behind eight bars of Hank Mobley's first solo chorus
-- Philly Joe's drum solo (track timing for the start of his solo is notated on the music: 3:22)
-- AABA out melody including ending