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Billy Higgins Drum Transcription: "Benji's Bounce"

Our first Billy Higgins drum transcription is now available at jazzleadsheets.com.  You can download the drum transcription here:

Drum Transcription: A seven-page in-depth drum transcription of Billy Higgins on Dexter Gordon's Benji's Bounce.

-- eight-bar drum set up
-- melody is shown above the drum staff
-- everything Higgins plays behind the in melody
-- drum solo trading 8s, 4s, and 2s with Dexter Gordon
-- everything Higgins plays behind the out melody

Description: This transcription includes a lot of Billy Higgins solo material. Though mostly known for his signature "groove" on many classic Blue Note albums, Higgins' soloing is not to be overlooked. It is tasty, always grooving, and very much unique to his style.

The musical relationship between Billy and Dexter is evident throughout the track, but their interaction in the trading section is very special.

Dexter was living in Europe at the time, and this recording features two European musicians, Tete Montolio (Spain), and Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen (Denmark), alongside Higgins.

To hear Billy talking with engineer Rudy Van Gelder and Don Sickler about Dexter Gordon, click here.