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Charli Persip Drum Transcription - "Three For the Festival"

Our 4th transcription on jazzleadsheets.com and the first of Charli Persip's, from his recording session with Rasaan Roland Kirk, on the song "Three for the Festival."  You can find it here:

Charli Persip - Three for the Festival

Drum Transcription: A four-page drum transcription of Charli Persip's playing alongside Rahsaan Roland Kirk on Kirk's composition Three For The Festival.
-- horn melodies are shown above the drum staff
-- AAB melody, drums fill throughout melody hits
-- Charli's playing through the first chorus of Rahsaan's flute solo
-- stop-time hits
-- out melody and ending

Description: Charli Persip said that he clearly remembers the day of this recording session. He was with Elvin Jones right before the session, who told him to "always play with open ears, always play like yourself and don't worry about anything else." Charli himself cites this session as some of his favorite playing. Note how well he sets up the hits in the melody, and how he responds to Rahsaan's unorthodox and intricate playing.

You can see Charli and hear some of his stories on jazzleadsheets YouTube channel.