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Charli Persip Drum Transcription "The Eternal Triangle"

The second Charli Persip drum transcription, from the famous Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt recording of "The Eternal Triangle." You can download the drum transcription here:

Drum Transcription: A six-page in-depth drum transcription of drummer Charli Persip playing on the famous recording of The Eternal Triangle.
-- Intro (in ¾)
-- Time playing behind the melody in (melody above staff)
-- Trumpet and drums trading 4’s (2 choruses)
-- Time playing behind melody out (melody above staff)
-- Coda (in ¾)

Description: The Eternal Triangle is perhaps the most famous “tenor battle” of all time. Sonny Rollins and Sonny Stitt certainly take it to the next level on this recording, but not without the help of the great Charli Persip. This transcription features some of Charli’s most fierce and energetic playing. His fours with longtime musical partner Dizzy Gillespie are not overshadowed by the tenor battle, as Charli Persip is a strong soloist in his own right.

Historical Notes: By 1957, Charli Persip (then known as "Charlie") was a much in-demand drummer for recordings and performances, both in small groups and in big bands. His first recording in 1957 was on February 18, a Lee Morgan/Wynton Kelly Septet date for Specialty records. Nine days later Charli and his Jazz Statesmen became part of Howard Rumsey and his Lighthouse All-Stars, recording for Liberty Records. On March 23, he did the first of seven sessions with Dizzy Gillespie's big band before the "Sonny Side Up" session. Sandwiched in between these session he still found time to do sessions for Lee Morgan, Ernie Wilkins, Don Bagley, Eddie Chamblee, six Dinah Washington sessions, and Benny Golson's "New York Scene" (see Something In B-flat). Obviously Charli was a very busy young man in 1957.

Now, give yourself a real treat--listen to and watch Charli tell you about his experience at The Eternal Triangle session.

The full sextet arrangement of The Eternal Triangle is available for purchase at HalLeonard.com and other music distributors.