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Victor Lewis Groove Patterns on "Seventh Avenue"

Download the transcription here:

Drum Transcription:  Two transcriptions of variations on Victor Lewis' "grooves" from two different recordings of his composition "Seventh Avenue"
-- Intro pattern
-- "groove" setup
-- four to six groove variations taken from throughout the song

Description: In talking to Victor Lewis about how best to use these transcriptions, we decided that instead of transcribing his playing throughout the entire head, it would be more important to focus on developing the basic groove, then learning to use it in a musical setting.

These transcriptions are designed as worksheets. Learn each groove pattern one at a time and be able to repeat them. They were taken directly from the recordings because they were some of Victor's most commonly used grooves in those recordings. When you're able to play them correctly, try playing along with the recordings to hear how Victor uses them in the music. It's also interesting to look at the two recordings side by side and notice the similarities and differences. These two recordings were almost 20 years apart.

Check out Victor Lewis as he talks about composing Seventh Avenue and playing it with Woody Shaw the first time on our YouTube Channel.