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Paul Motian has left us...

Paul Motian: 1931-2011

There has never been another drummer like Paul Motian.  There has never a drummer so unique, creative, beautiful, swinging, abstract, soulful and everything else.

To me Paul represented perhaps the most beautiful lesson in music; keep searching.  He continued to re-identify himself throughout his musical career.

His influence on the international jazz scene, but especially the New York jazz scene was profound.  He provided that bridge between generations that lacks so much in the jazz today.  Through bands such as his trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano, the Electric Bebop Band, and every other assortment that he recorded with and brought the Village Vanguard so consistently, he exposed some incredible musicians to the world, and some incredible music.

For the next week, there will be many posts revisiting some of Paul's most important work.

Rest in peace Paul, you will be missed deeply.