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Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription!

The very first drum transcription from The Jazz Drum Corner and www.jazzleadsheets.com in now available!  The transcription can be found here:

Philly Joe Jones Drum Transcription - No Room for Squares

We are very excited to finally have these available, after many months of refining.  This particular track has some of my very favorite trading from Philly Joe.  There is A TON of material just in this one transcription.  This seven-page drum transcription with everything Philly Joe plays includes:
-- horn melodies are shown above the drum staff
-- Sixteen-measure intro (great hi-hat work)
-- AABA in melody
-- Philly Joe's playing behind eight bars of Hank Mobley's first solo chorus
-- The two choruses of trading with Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan: Philly Joe's fours, plus what he plays behind the horn soloists. Timing for Hank's first entrance in the exchanges is noted on the music: 5:28.
-- AABA out melody
-- Coda (hi-hat work like the intro)

Drummers this is an incredible resource!  Anyone looking to improve their study of the jazz drum language make sure to check out this transcription.  Just make sure to click "PJJ Drum Transcription" on the right hand side of the screen.

Check back next Friday for a Philly Joe Jones transcription from Hank Mobley's "The Workout."